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walk in vienna

Just come back from a nearly 2 hour walk through vienna with Liz, was really refreshing cause was (Just eating a bit of a milka bunny which I bought for Liz as a present, even though was determined to not eat anything, cause still full up1!) (Liz just said that I don't need to say everything, and guess she is right.) anyway was a nice temperature and raining a little bit. Walked down to the Museum's Quatier where they have the large pictures of differnt places on earth, and then through the centre and around the other side up past the Uni and where Liz used to live when she was here. Feel a bit better now I have been out of the flat for some exercise. Just feel like i can walk for ages. (Although I am not the most sporty person.) We just reminisced (Can't spell) about last year when she lived here and also our first holiday here with Lizzie. (Well that is mainly me, who is obsessed with remembering details of things like holidays like this one which was over 4 years ago!)

This might be the last entry of the day and so will say goodnight for now!
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