retwien (retwien) wrote,

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Just got back from the Kino and a walk. Liz is starting to make the supper tonight so I have a few mins. Quite liked the film. Of course makes me think about things, like with most people when they go to the cinema I guess. I have to say though that I often have a more depressive mood when I come out of the cinema, even if it is funny film. Just feel strange afterwards. This time, didn't really know what i felt like doing. We were thinking of what we could do later and tomorow, but there was just a feeling of there not really being anything that I wanted to do... if you see what I mean. I guess that is just a feeling for a certain time, but... just thought I would say anyway. I guess it is also linked to a mild feeling that there is something somewhere missing. (It is also connected with the point of things in life.) I could guess at a few

Stopped mid sentence to help Liz make the supper. Got to go again... just turned the oven on... got to go again to find a tin opener... helped a bit more, now its nearly an hour since the time above, not that that really matters! Now got to get another plaster for Liz, wll be back again... back... there's probably nothing else to say now anyway, was just gabbling about a mild feeling of there being something missing. I know one thing that I feel is missing, but that is a predictable thing and I know that that in itself does not suddenly make everything all right :) Still don't want to talk about that topic out loud, so will say bye for now... and maybe good night....
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