retwien (retwien) wrote,

Its raining its pouring...

We are back in the flat after not too an eventful morning. Wanted to go to the graveyard of the nameless people, (Well Liz did.) but it is long way away and when we got to the bus stop realised the buses only go once and hour and it was pouring with rain so decided to go to my place to get some more of my stuff, because I decided that I would be staying here for the next three weeks, rather than just popping in as I had thought. Think it will be good to se how it is by myself and have got all my study notes, so I can do my study here as well.... (in theory...)

Was feeling a bit down last night, again just thinking about the point of different things. Then had a stressful dream again. Could remember some more in the morning, but nothing much now! Was still a bit down this morning, think because the weather was bad. Also just keep thinking of when there is a point to pursue something or when to just leave it. I know that sounds a bit what do you call it, when something is not clearly expressed, can't think for now... but you know what I mean. Sometimes I think you should leave things to take their natural course and stuff because you can't make things happen, but then there are times when I think you also need to take an active role in your life or whatever, and it something about just getting the balance and knowing which of the courses to follow for each situation. It's like looking for all the reasons behind what happens. When yes there are sometimes meanings or whatever and sometimes just not... Getting more confusing now in my explanations, so will end.

Finished lunch and we were going to go out but things are a bit stressed between us now, we were taking turns, one of us was saying that we should go out while at the same time the other person was busy doing something and then reversed, Liz is now lying down and so we will see...
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