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belly dancing and work

Just got back from my belly dancing class. Was good as ever. Before I go I am always thinking, can I be bothered to go out etc, but then of course always like it and am glad I have been. It is the same with my beginners choir. Well Liz is gone now. However, this is the first time that I have had some time alone since. I was at work, and Liz came there to see it and say bye. I then met another friend straight afterwards, because she has also been away and she gave me a ring. She came here for a bit and then I went to Belly dancing.

Feeling ok at the moment, not tired yet though, which would like to be, but last night I went to bed at this time and then could not get to sleep for ages, and so will just wait until I am a bit tireder.

Work bit coming next...

Work was ok today. Was helping the children to make their invitations for the summer play which is one next week and so did not have to worry about whether children were coming in me giving proper presentations of the materials. I know that I want to be able to do it and am not trying to avoid it, but I seem to be somehow still somehow strangely stressed by it all. (And of course I think the kids can sense that as well and therefore adds to it.) I always have so many questions still about the materials and what to do in certain situations. This morning I already had in my head the question of what I should do if the child does not trace a sandpaper letter in the right way, and I know that I have asked this question already at least 2 times! I am in the language room at the moment and will be there for the next 3 weeks, before moving to another room. I have been in the room once before.

I am also not doing circle time at the moment, which is another thing that makes me feel relaxed. It is again something that I want to do, well want to be able to do well and am still in awe of the other teachers when they do it. The children seem to be sitting so quietly and relaxed and enjoy it and stuff and the teachers do good stuff with them. Again I know it is related to a psychological thing, and again even if I am trying to be relaxed I guess the kids know that i am not in some way! However, I will be grateful that there was nothing bad about the day. I felt like all of my moments with the children today were ok. I think I managed to relate to them ok, which is something that I also judge my day on. Also had no times when I asked them to be quiet. That is of course my other main thing... that I can not get them to be quiet as I should. Of course I think that all the other teachers can! (I expect that is of no surprise to you!) Think I should try and find some other teacher's journals here on livejournal, cause that might help me. I have decided to stay longer here though and have this psychological feeling that next year will be much better! I wish I had written all of my teaching thoughts down, cause would like to see them and see how I have changed and stuff. Guess it is never too late...

Okay that is all for now. Might write some more tomorrow or some other time, whenever...
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