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Concert in Schönbrunn

Just watching the concert in Schönbrunn on the tv. Was thinking of going cause know a couple of people who are going. However, had my choir and so went there and then wanted to come home afterwards. It was worth it though, really like the choir. At least I can watch it on the tv! Took me ages again to get to sleep last night, though I went later and so guess it does not matter when I go tobed. Probably earlier is better.

Work was ok again. More invitations and did the LMA with a couple of kids, which felt good. Again felt ok with the kids, like ysterday. It is never perfect but at least I know when it feels better than normal.

Struck me when travelling back on the Ubahn, (Here comes the corny bit...) what a difference it makes to experience someone smiling in a friendly way when you come to sit down (usually) opposite them. Again makes me realise how rarely that happens and also probably how rarely i also do it other people. It is the kind of thing which can make your day. Like when people wait for you to go first. Should be normal, but of course it isn't.

Anyway think that is all for tonight... will of course write again if I think of anything else. Hope tomorrow will be ok as well.
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