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Hello again,

Happy. I am not sure whether it will be a short lived happiness, but I am going to make the most of the feeling all the same. I am not going to say why at this point but anyway. I just went to a work colleague's flat and got some cheap furniture for my new flat which I will some day get. I got an open hanging rail (which can be used as a wardrobe.) a mirror and also a coffee table. All for 10 euros, which is really good. I also heard from my boss that i can have some of their furniture when I get somewhere, because they do not need it anymore. Another work colleage has also said that I can have a chester drawers and a book shelf, so feeling quite good about that. Now I just need to find a flat! I have to start looking really, because have not really properly started. Work was also ok again today. Very busy and a bit too much to keep and eye on and could not really give the kids the 1:1 attention that they needed at certain points. However, happy with how it went. Looking foreards to the weekend as well, when I am going to see some friends in Germany. So at the moment feel ok. Don't want to tempt fate though, cause know hoe easy it can go the other way...

Now should do some chores and my assignment.... :(

Bye for now...
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