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Just back, well a few hours ago, back from my trip to Germany to see my friends and their 5 month old baby! It was really nice and relaxing, to be away of course from the everyday life. Did some study on the train journey there and back, but when was there didn't do any which felt good!! It is just a small town, but managed to do a few things, like eat a lot of cake which was given to the family, a few barbeques and walks. Didn't go on the computer once, and only turned my phone on once a day to check for messages, but did not write any, and so was also peaceful in that way. It is just always good to feel that you have no pressures to do anything or make contact with anybody, and so could really enjoy the time with them and a couple of other friends who were there for some of the time. The baby was so nice and friendly to new faces. Even babysat a couple of times for nearly an hour each time! So, relaxed (apart from a bad back) and ready for life here again. Also realised as was coming back into Austria on the train that had actually missed the country a bit, and it's differences from Germany... Which I guess is also a nice feeling to have. Will write more another time. Have been thinking that too much time on the computer is one reason for my not sleeping so well before going away....

Only bad thing there is that they have Ticks there as well, and now am imagining them all over my body. Thought I had one in the middle of my back where could not even see properly in the mirror, but am guessing it is just a figment of my can be very paranoid nature!! (Hopefully!!) Also had a bad dream about them and other stressful things last night!

Bye for now...
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