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just started writing something and seemed to close this window down, never mind. I shall start again. Bit tired, cause well feel tired but could not sleep any longer, could not sleep well at all and so just decided to get up. Have a very long list of things to do (Which is sitting right next to me at the moment) and a few things on my mind, so think that could be a reason why. It's one of those lists when you can not imagine getting it all done., but need to, not just to get it done but to be able to relax. However, have had similarish lists before and so hope those one will gradually go away. Will make an effort to get rid if most of the things by next week! Seems like a lot of things are coming up as well... In bit of a dreamy state, so just hope my brain is working enough to write some of my assignment. Leaving the one for now and going straight onto another one.

Had our Kindergarten play yesterday, and it went well I think. However, that was not one of the main pressures on my mind... Anyway can tell I am not writing anything useful here, so will try and write something a bit more useful in my assignment.

Bye for now....
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