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now the end of the weekend and have to say that feeling down. Was feeling ok or maybe trying to feel ok for most of the weekend. Maybe it is just the evening and the feeling of the end of the weekend, but do not think it is just so. hate it when this happens, because it is like the feeling comes over you and there is nothing you can do about it. It is not really thing that you can write about, but of course i am trying, because well i am by the computer and wanted to write something. I know of course some contributing factors, but to know that still does not help.

Just went to the cinema again. This time saw Harry Potter 3 and it was not that good, but had wanted to see it all the same! Met my flatmates for that. Managed to finish one assignment earlier which felt really good and was chatting on messenger to a couple of friends, which was also nice. But it is like I come back here after the cinema and something is not right or something is missing... anyway, that is all for now...
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