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summer has come!

Yes, summer has come! Well, it is here for the moment anyway. Today was definately the hottest day I have experienced this year. It was nice actually and somehow did not seem too much. Have now bought some Weleda suncream, which will hopefully last me the summer. Was trying to see if I could cut down on how much money I spend each week, such as when thinking about next year and having a more expensive flat, like maybe twice as expensive and wondering whether I can afford that and afford to save.

(Next is a paragraph just about money, so skip that one if you are reading it and you don't like gabble... though in that case you may as well skip everything that I write!)

However, I see how the money goes. I bought that and some toothpast and it was nearly 20 euros and then I went to dm, and bought a baby toy for a friend in England who has just had a baby, and then also decided to by some body oil, to stop my body from getting dry... and again that was 10 euros. I then bought some pizza (2 because I didn't have a chance to go home. I then bought some juice and some chocolate for the work colleague and daughter who I am going to go for supper with on thursday. I also got some juice for myself, and a euros 40 cents.) different chocolate for my friend who has had the baby, and that was another 5 euros. Then bought two postcards, one for the friend with the baby and one for my cousin who has a birthday. That was another 2 euros. That makes about 40 euros in a day. Have already spent about 20 euros on food this week. You may say that some of those things do not happen all of the time and like suncream I should only need once, but that is what i say every week and then every week comes something new that i really must buy! And it is only tuesday!!! What shall I do??? Getting a bit panicked aboht meny I must say. Think of how I will also need to pay for flights and the choir and belly dancing regularly. It is all money..... :(

Anyway, today was ok at work again. I have to say that the last two weeks and two days, which is since I have been in the language room (For the second time since starting work there.) have been my best weeks since I started work. Apart from the first few weeks, which i really enjoyed, getting to know the new children in the Practical Life room. But today for example I think i had for the first time in my life a child coming into the room (Was even before 8:30) and saying in a really enthusiastic tone. 'I want to do some letters!' His friend came as well and she did something else, but they even talked English together. (They usually talk German together most of the time.) Then another of the children, and older one who I had not managed to pesuade to do anything before, came and did the Large Moveable Alphabet and then wrote the words and then read 5 books. (Though pretty sure she had read them before!) I realise that it only takes one child or maybe two to do something, well happily for me to feel good about the day. I think they can tell that i am more relaxed in there than have been before... which I am... Even lunch time does not seem as stressful as it did before. Will have to touch wood, but again need to record the good moments.

Am feeling quite tired though, and sunday night and yesterday was feeling a bit down. I felt moody in the end of yesterday. Think it is connected to the amount of things to do on my things to do list. Also because my boss is not sure about whether I can have holiday in July. I was hoping to because I ma doing a course in the summer which means that i miss a week of my 'holiday', and will be travelling back to England for nearly a couple of weeks before that, to see family and friends, but really want to go somewhere else as well, seeing as I am in the middle of Europe. I do not blame my boss because there are not many options in July, but is just I guess something I feel I really want, at least a couple of days. I will ask again anyway...

But yes, was feeling quite down. Think I was wondering again whether I have made the right decision. I think that I have, but is hard to tell of course and with hoping i can find somewhere nice and not too expensive to live... Going to see the flat of Anita's friend on friday, which is kind of expensive, but apparetnly really nice, and well placed for work...

Anyway, better go and shower and think about things! (Or try not to!)
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