retwien (retwien) wrote,

Kunsthistoriches Museum

Just got back to the flat after a walk down to and around the Kunsthistoriches Museum. Spent longer than I thought we would there. Liz wanted to go there. The audio guides were free (After getting the tickets!) and so we got a bit obsessed with listening to the descriptions of the paintings and by the end finding a sofa to sit on in the right position to listen and look at pictures- they were mainly paintings from the Renaissance. Tried to remember what I learnt in history about that time, I couldn't remember much, but luckily the audio guides could tell us.

Just had lunch as well and are going to see 'The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' (If that is the correct name.) Spoke to Tessie on the phone and she said it was good, but not funny.

Liz and I are snapping at each other all of the time, which is not something new, in fact it is part of our friendship, but well... Feeling a bit strange already about when she goes and well I find it always hard, to change between different lives as such. Although feel a bit weird anyway now, had a stressful dream last night (Which is not so strange, but...) know that going back to normal as such will bring more thoughts and questions back into my mind again. However, at the moment I will stop writing and actually live the time now rather than just writing about it all of the time! I am also glad also in some way when things go back to 'normal'. (Its too addictive the thing of writing this journal...)
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